3.24.2019 Word Mix Creativity Trick in Python
8.17.2018 Plant Drought Stress Image Processing Summer Project
4.28.2018 Senior Design Image Processing: Overall Final Subsystem Report (pdf)
4.28.2018 Senior Design Image Processing 3: Skin Extraction
1.27.2018 Senior Design Image Processing 2: Simple Skin Lesion Localization
12.19.2017 Senior Design Image Processing 1: Skin Temperature From Thermal Images
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5.10.2017 Favorite Color Toy Program
3.05.2017 Testing (and breaking) Soil Moisture Sensor
1.15.2017 Scrapping Reddit Data With praw
8.28.2016 Arduino Chromatic Tuner With Haptic Feedback
7.30.2016 Lichtquanta: Arduino Powered Light Sculpture