Lichtquanta: Arduino Powered "Light Sculpture"

Litchquanta On

I thought it would be fun to do something with LEDs and Arduino. The concept I had in mind for awhile was some sort of light sculpture that could decorate a room. This idea was floating around in limbo until I bought a shelf from IKEA that inspired me to go ahead and make something real. You can see the original sketch I did below. The LEDs would be on top of tubes sticking out of the shelf and light up. I also wanted there to be a button that you could press to change between the different animations. The name "Lichtquanta" (German for "quanta of light") comes from Albert Einstein, who used it to describe photons.

Lichtquanta On, Dark

Github repo here.


The initial concept sketch.
The electronics, not hidden or elegant I know but this being one of my first projects I wanted to keep things very simple.